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What if the X-Men universe was the MCU?

Iron Man - Cyclops

The Incredible Hulk - The Incredible Beast

Iron Man 2 - Cyclops 2

Thor - Storm

Captain America: The First Avenger - Wolverine: The First X-Men

The Avengers - The X-Men

Iron Man 3 - Cyclops 3

Thor: The Dark World - Storm: The Morlocks

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Wolverine: The Sabretooth

Guardians of the Galaxy - The New Mutants

Avengers: Age of Ultron - X-Men: Age of Sentinels

Ant-Man - Deadpool

Captain America: Civil War - Wolverine: The Last Stand

Doctor Strange - Gambit

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 - The New Mutants vol. 2

Spider Man: Homecoming - Quicksilver: Homecoming

Thor: Ragnarok - Storm: Armaggedon

Black Panther - Nightcrawler

Avengers: Infinity War - X-Men: Apocalypse

Ant-Man and the Wasp - Deadpool and Cable

Captain Marvel - Dark Phoenix

Avengers 4 - X-Men: Days of Future Past

Spider-Man: Far from Home - Quicksilver: Far from Home

Want to see your thougts.

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They are right to fear me...

They are wrong if they think they can stop me.


Dark Phoenix | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
Dark Phoenix | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX YouTube
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Continuity Errors

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this continuity error, but I have. In the beginning of The Last Stand, we see Magneto and a WALKING Professor X visiting a child Jean Grey in 1986. Not only was Professor X paralyzed before that in 1961, but Jean Grey was shown to be a teenager in 1983 in X-Men: Apocalypse. One could argue that Professor X used the serum for his spine, but that's not possible, as he still had his powers and was communicating with Jean Grey telepathically. And I understand Days of Future Past fixed the timeline after 1973, but did it really change the year Jean Grey was born in?
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Misconception of X-Men: Days of Future Past (Part 1 of 3)
Misconception of X-Men: Days of Future Past (Part 1 of 3) YouTube
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Favorite movie and order of them?

Which is your favorite X-Men movie, and can you rank them all from favorite to least favorite?

Origins is now "canon" in some way, at the very least in a separate universe accessible by Deadpool, and while I'm ignoring Logan, I'll list both anyway.

1. Deadpool (though it feels like it's not in the same universe, we've decided it is. I don't care for the excessive mature content but the comedy balances it out)

2. X-Men: Apocalypse - As I noted on its page, it feels the most like a MCU movie.

3. X-Men: First Class

4. Deadpool 2

5. X-Men: Days of Future Past

6. X-Men

7. The Wolverine

8. X2

9. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

10. X-Men: The Last Stand

11. Logan - Its dark ending leaves me with a really negative feeling, and defeated the whole purpose of Days of Future Past
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Top 5

Who are your favourite top 5 characters in the movies?

1. Jean Grey
3. Psylocke
4. Emma frost
5. Logan
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Dark Phoenix

Who else hopes that jean survives and instead of being taken over by the dark Phoenix like in the last stand she learns to control it in the movie and becomes the good Phoenix?
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Where to start with comics?

I love both movies and want to start reading the comics. Where do I start? Is the style the same in terms of jokes and everything?
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Deadpool 3

Deadpool gave us a standalone origin story, Deadpool 2 dived deeper into the X-Men world that Deadpool lives in ... so what do people want from Deadpool 3? Assuming that there is a Deadpool 3, of course ...
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All the Deadpool 2 cameos, references, and Easter Eggs

Deadpool 2 has been out for about a week now, and anyone who has seen it knows there are a ton of cameos, references, and Easter Eggs. Checked out FANDOM's guide to all of them! Was there any we missed?

‘Deadpool 2’ Easter Eggs and Surprises UPDATED With Amazing A-List Cameo
‘Deadpool 2’ Easter Eggs and Surprises UPDATED With Amazing A-List Cameo FANDOM
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FANDOM review of Deadpool 2

Check out FANDOM's review of Deadpool 2 -- but beware because there might be spoilers!

For those brave enough to read and have seen the movie; what are your thoughts? Do you agree with our review, or are we way off?
‘Deadpool 2’ Review: Delivers Fewer Laughs and a Fractured Plot Light on Threat
‘Deadpool 2’ Review: Delivers Fewer Laughs and a Fractured Plot Light on Threat FANDOM
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Is Deadpool canon?

I know this has been a subject of debate and I'd like this 100% cleared up

Is Deadpool canon to the other X-Men films?

I know it's meant to feel detached from the others, but is it actually in continuity without directly referencing it (beyond Deadpool's mention of "McAvoy or Stewart" as Charles Xavier).

The articles seem to treat them as canon with Deadpool characters being listed in "Revised timeline" (unless that changed since the last time I visited here). But, MLP Wiki also treats the comics as canon even though they directly conflicted with the show in Season 7.

Obviously Colossus was depicted differently than in the original timeline. But, I haven't seen Days of Future Past in a while, is Colossus shown in the good future as he was in the original timeline? If so that could be conclusive proof of its non-canonocity.

So, I'd like a clear answer. Do I treat it as part of the X-Men film universe (does it have an official name?) or do I treat it as its own film that's probably more fun than any of them? (I said "non-canon" before but if it's not in continuity with the others I'd prefer to think "in its own continuity")
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Got a question for Josh Brolin? Let us know!

Hi everyone! FANDOM will soon have the chance to talk to Josh Brolin! We're looking to source some questions from the community, so if you have any questions for Cable himself, then let us know!

Please note there are no guarantees that a question will be used, but we will feature some community questions during the interview.
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avengers vs x men movie

Do you think we will see a film adaptation in the years to come?
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X-Men TV Shows

Why did we delete them I know creators said that they don’t supposedly exist in the exact same universe as the films but they are not totally unconnected. I’m just curious
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[Deadpool 2] The future Cable comes from?

So we saw in yesterday's tease trailer the introduction of Cable in the X-Men Movie Franchise where we can hear Cable was raised in the future and also we get to see some scenes of the future Cable comes from. We see some soldiers with DMC shield (Division Mutant Control??) and some prisioners wearing yellow suits with mutant inhibitor collars (seen in previous movies and the gifted as well). It seems like the fate of mutants is terrible in the future as we saw in Logan.

BUT my question here is if Cable comes from a Future developed after the events of Logan. Could that mean Cable comes from the future where the westchester incident, the reavers, transigen and all the events of Logan already happened?? Will Cable reverse all that when he travels to the present in this movie??

What do you guys think?
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New X Men movie

They defeated Sebastian Shaw, Bolivar Trask, and even Apocalypse. But are they willing to defeat another all powerful mutant. His name is Nathaniel Essex also knows as Mr. Sinister
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Well this is the end...

After 17 years of X-Men movies produced by Fox from 2000 to 2017, the X-Men (Deadpool and Fantastic Four included) are officially heading over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now we"ll have to deal with the following that comes out of the MCU post-Fox/Disney deal:
* Wolverine being an Avenger and X-Men member.
* Storm as a supporting character or co-lead in Black Panther films.
* Deadpool teaming up with Spider-Man buddy cop style.
* House of M.
* An Avengers vs X-Men film.
* R-rated X-Men spin offs such as Deadpool, X-Force, X-23, and (possibly) Multiple Man part of a "Marvel-R brand".
* Future X-Men films made by Marvel Studios/Disney.
* Kitty Pryde becoming a love interest/girlfriend for Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
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New Placement for X-Men Television

Because of the uncertainty regarding the X-Men TV's placement in the greater universe all pages connected to Legion or The Gifted have been deleted, however, a place should still be found for such articles, even if a new Wiki needs to be created.
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Multiple Man movie Main Antagonist

Who will probably the main antagonist in the movie Multiple Man when comes out and who probably play the villain in the movie?
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