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Real Name Frederick J. Dukes
Alias(es) Fred Dukes
Species Mutant (Homo Superior)
Gender Male
Date of Death 1979 (Original Timeline)
Birth Place United States of America
Team Team X (Formerly)
Alignment Neutral
Movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men: Apocalypse
Game X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Status Deceased (Original Timeline)
Unknown (Revised Timeline)
Portrayed by Kevin Durand
Giant Gustav Claude Ouimet
I don't regret the things I do. I'm proud of what I am. I'm proud of what I've done for my country. But if you think you can take me, step up to Fred J. Dukes, you better run. 'Cause if I were to catch up, I might teach ya some manners.

Blob (Fred Dukes) is a mutant who has super strength and incredible durability


Original Timeline

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Fred Dukes was a member of Team X under Major William Stryker's command. Fred demonstrated his strength by blowing up a tank simply by plugging his fist inside the tank's chamber, causing its blast to backfire.

After the team disbanded, Fred became very obese (having developed an eating disorder), and John Wraith was trying to whip him back into shape (Unfortunately, Fred usually knocked out his opponents by just bouncing them with his huge stomach). Fred later angrily challenged Logan to a boxing match between them because he thought Logan referred to him as "Blob" to Wraith - even though the spoken word was "Bub". Wolverine won by striking him on the head multiple times and later wanted answers about the Island. Fred reveals that Victor and Stryker are working together, capturing mutants and experimenting on them, having allegedly learned the information from Agent Zero. Dukes then informs Logan that he does not know the location of Stryker's base, but says that there is only one person who escaped, a mutant and Cajun street hustler named Remy LeBeau, who goes by the name "Gambit". Wolverine and Wraith later went to find Gambit after Dukes gave Wolverine the information he wanted. Later when Victor was trying to kill Wraith, Wraith said that Victors black coat doesn't scare him and Victor then said that it worked well on Dukes, implying that he killed him.

In a deleted scene, Victor is seen getting a call from Stryker. He tells Stryker that he knows where Wolverine and Wraith are going because he had Dukes tell him. He hangs up the phone after and starts moving towards Dukes, implying that he is about to torture and kill him.

X2: X-Men United

His name appears on a list of mutants which Mystique scrolls through on Stryker's computer.

Revised Timeline

X-Men: Apocalypse

Blob was among those that Angel defeated in a fight club.


  • Superhuman Durability - Blob's body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury. The fat tissues that comprise the Blob's epidermis are able to absorb the impact of strong blows. His nerve endings do not relay any tactile perception to his brain. The fat tissue of his epidermis is resilient enough to revert to its normal shape within seconds after deformation caused by impact. It is virtually impervious to physical injury. Prior to becoming obese, Blob had already remarkable resilience, as he made a cannon explode by putting a hand inside of it while it was shooting, without receiving any injury.
  • Superhuman Strength - Blob has a high degree of physical strength. He is able to throw a man in the air with no efforts, and he's strong enough to punch Wolverine's adamantium skeleton without injuring his hands.
  • Immovability - Due to Blob's vast weight, he has his own gravitational pull. This allows him to be almost completely immovable unless it is by his own free will or if his opponent's strength rivals his own.


  • Boxing - Due to his obesity, John Wraith attempts to train Blob through Boxercise to lower his weight.



  • John Wraith - Former Teammate and Friend (Original Timeline)
  • Agent Zero - Former Teammate and Friend (Original Timeline)
  • Chris Bradley - Former Teammate (Original Timeline)
  • Deadpool - Former Teammate (Original Timeline)
  • Wolverine - Former Teammate (Original Timeline)



  • His character was also considered for inclusion in X-Men but did not make it past the concept art which is a hidden Easter egg on the original DVD release of that movie.
  • According to John Wraith, Blob has never liked Wolverine much.

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