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Buff (Arlee Hicks) is a mutant whose mutation increased her muscle size and strength, giving her an exaggerated and extremely muscular physique. She wears loose clothing to cover it up.


Generation X

Arlee arrived at Xavier's some time prior to Skin and Jubilee. Her mutation had caused her body to become extremely muscular, while also making her insecure about her body. She wouldn't let anyone see her change clothes. When Kurt claimed to be able to see her naked, she freaked out and told him that if he ever managed to see through her clothes, she would rip his head off and attach it to Mondo's butt.

Later, she and Kurt took and interest in each other. However, when they mere making out, Kurt's x-ray vision fully kicked in (allowing him to see through her pants). Arlee became hurt, when she found out.

After the team's defeat of Tresh, Arlee became more secure and allowed Emma Frost and Banshee to dress her up in the new team uniforms.



  • Buff was an original character, created for the movie, to fill in for more expensive character Husk. However, there does exist a Marvel character called Buff, who is also a superstrong blonde.
  • Buff was the only character to wear a Generation X uniform in the movie.


Generation X

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