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Cyclops (born Scott Summers) is a mutant with the ability to fire an optic blast from his eyes. Having been one of the first members of the modern group of X-Men, Scott Summers was chosen to succeed his mentor and become the X-Men's field leader.



X-Men Prologue (X-Men Movie Novelization)

Southern California, 1986 - the Rhapsody in Blue high school prom takes place, where everything was blue-themed. Among the attending students are Scott Summers and his date Selina Ki.  After bumping into a wall, Scott's eyes began to hurt. Although he was able to see fine at first, he was unable to control it, and unaware of what he was doing, Scott opened his eyes and destroyed everything in his line of sight with his new optic blast vision. Scott left the prom and was later found by Professor Charles Xavier.


In his youth Scott was angry and troubled, it wasn't until his brother Alex took him to Xavier's School that he began to straighten up. In both timelines, he had a habit of getting in trouble at school, due to his more rebellious nature. He made quick friends with Jean Grey bonding over their lack of control of their powers and became friends with Nightcrawler despite his appearance, which scared many other people, proving he had no prejudices of other mutants. He was still a bit of a rebel though stealing one of Xavier's cars and taking Jean, Nightcrawler and Jubilee out to ditch school and go to the mall.

When Alex died at the hands of Apocalypse, it had a huge effect on Scott. Scott believed his brother was a hero and had really done something with his life. This caused Scott to drop his angry attitude and want to be a hero, to honor his brother. After Mystique informed Scott, that Alex was one of the original X-Men, Scott knew it was his duty to follow suit, and join the new team.

Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men and often makes decisions while in battle, such as him shooting Magneto with his optic blast. Cyclops shows to be a strong, tough and determined leader of the X-Men, saying that he would take care of the X-Men if Professor X were to ever die when he was in a coma. Even as a teenager Scott, displayed traits of a natural leader, formulating plans and giving orders to Jean and Kurt as they attempted to save their friends in Alkali Lake.

Cyclops has a strong bond with his love interest Jean Grey but is often protective of her and her safety as well as annoyed when Logan flirts with her. He also had a close bond with Hank McCoy, with Hank having a mentor/older brother kind of role to Scott, ironic considering the antagonistic relationship Scott's brother Alex had with Hank, during their youth. He is also quite calm and polite, trying to shake Wolverine's hand when first meeting him, and taking Nightcrawler to the mall upon hearing he has never been to one.

Cyclops shows his humor with Wolverine by being more sarcastic such as making fun of his dislike for the X-Men uniforms. After Jean Grey died, Cyclops mourned her death, hearing her voices in his head. Professor X was concerned if he was to ever be the same man he was, as now he put off his duties to train students and left that to Storm and Wolverine. Professor X had always planned for Scott to take his place as headmaster of the school, but this duty fell to Storm due to Scott's death in the original timeline.

Powers, Abilities & Weaknesses


  • Ruby Quartz Sunglasses - Cyclops always wears his signature, red-tinted sunglasses that allow him to see and protects others from his ability.
  • Visor - During missions, Cyclops wears a protective visor, allowing him to focus his ability and also control the intensity and size of the blasts through a switch on the side, near the temple.
  • X-Uniform - Like his fellow X-Men Scott wears his protective X-Uniform while going out on missions. It is designed to protect him in battle and he has worn many variants of costumes across different decades and timelines.



  • X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner purposefully didn't show Cyclops' corpse to leave an open door for his character to return. Only his glasses are shown, leaving his survival possible. Ultimately, Cyclops did return in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but due to his presumed death being undone by the altered timeline.
  • Despite being a main character and the leader of the X-Men in the comics, in the film universe Cyclops was mainly a supporting character, with his screen time diminishing as the moves went on. More focus was put on the character of Wolverine, many fans were upset by the handling of the character and one IGN contributor wrote: "Cyclops was misunderstood, miswritten, misdirected and generally mismanaged in this series.
  • In an alternate script for X-3 written by Michael Dougherty Cyclops did not die but had a much larger role. The Danger Room was built by Cyclops due to his guilt over Jean Grey's death. He felt the X-Men were too weak and too untrained, which resulted in her death so he built the room to make them a stronger team. At the end he and a Phoenix possessed Jean, have a heartfelt momment before she leaves earth due to fear of becoming too powerful. [1]
  • In the comics, Cyclops is older then Havok but in the films it is reversed. There was also a third brother who went by the alias "Vulcan". Also in the comics, Cyclops had relationships with both Emma Frost and Psylocke, however neither had taken place in the film universe. His relationship to Emma was referenced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine with his closeness to Emma Frost (Origins).
  • In X-Men: First Class, during the Cerebro scene there is a young boy, with red sunglasses wearing a blue shirt this was originally supposed to be young Cyclops, however subsequent films made this non-canon due to discrepancies in his age.
  • In the comics, Cyclops and Havok's father was a space pirate and leader of the Starjammers who used the code name "Corsair". In the film X-Men: Apocalypse he was shown to be just a normal person, living in the suburbs.

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