Daniels is a mutant who fought in the Vietnam War.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

In 1973, Daniels is first shown as a mutant soldier in Saigon part of a military team along with Toad, Ink and Havok about to be appropriated by William Stryker on behalf of Trask Industries' mutant research program. During Mystique's fight to rescue them, Daniels used his mutant powers to put some of the soldiers to sleep. He leaves Vietnam with the others soon afterwards, returning to the United States.


  • Sleep Inducement - Daniels has the ability to put people to sleep by turning his eyes completely black. The victim's eyes would do the same before passing out.


Friends and Family




  • In the movie's end credits, he is simply credited as "Mutant Soldier."
  • It is rumored that Daniels is the X-Men character Spyke or Evan Daniels, because they share the same surname.

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