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Real Name Armando Muñoz
Alias(es) Darwin
Species Mutant
Gender Male
Date of Death 1962
Birth Place New York City, USA
Team Division X
Movie X-Men: First Class
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Edi Gathegi
Stay here my ass... let's go!

Darwin (Armando Muñoz) was a mutant who had the power of reactive evolution, causing his body to adapt to any environment he was in.


X-Men: First Class

Darwin worked as a taxi driver. While in this capacity, Professor X and Magneto asked him to join their CIA-sponsored mutant group. Darwin met his teammates, displayed his powers, and partied with them. Following the Hellfire Club's assault on the Division X facility, Sebastian Shaw attempted to recruit the young mutants into his ranks. Angel Salvadore joined in, while Havok and Darwin tried to stop her. It was during this attempt that Shaw absorbed Havok's energy blast and killed Darwin with it.


  • Reactive Evolution - Darwin was able to adapt his body to allow himself to survive. He demonstrated various aspects of this ability, including growing gills when submerged in water, turn into iron when under high degree of heat, or growing thick body armor when attacked.




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