Reviews of Generation X.



The first ever live-action portrayal of any of the X-Men was in this 1996 TV movie, based on the X-Men comic book spin-off series of the same name. Like the comic, it centered on a group of young mutants being trained in the use of their powers, including Generation X comic book characters M, Skin and Mondo, along with Buff and Refrax, the latter two of whom were created for the telefilm. Several characters with larger and more direct X-Men connections also had roles here, including Emma Frost/The White Queen and Sean Cassidy/Banshee – both soon to be seen in X-Men: First Class. Jubilee, already appearing on the X-Men cartoon on a regular basis at this point, was part of the team. However, in a needless alteration, a white actress plays Jubilee, who is written in the comics as a Chinese-American.

This was a decidedly cheesy project, with an extremely low budget that allowed for very little in the way of mutant spectacle. The villain was a silly mad scientist type played by Matt Frewer (Max Headroom) and the only time a team uniform appeared was on one character, in the very last scene. So basically, it's the greatest thing I've ever seen.

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