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Havok (First Class) - Transparent Background


X-Men Apocalypse Havok

Real Name Alexander Summers
Alias(es) Alex
Species Mutant (Homo superior)
Gender Male
Date of Death 1983 (Revised Timeline)
Birth Place United States of America
Team Division X (formerly)
X-Men (formerly)
Alignment Good
Movie X-Men: First Class
X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men: Apocalypse
Status Unknown (Original Timeline)
Deceased (Revised Timeline)
Portrayed by Lucas Till
You know when I do this, bad things tend to happen.

Havok (born Alexander Summers) was a mutant, the older brother of Cyclops, and one of the first members of the Charles Xavier's mutant team the X-Men. He had the ability to generate strong plasma blasts.


X-Men: First Class

In 1962, Havok joined Division X when Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr came to his jail cell. He had wanted to be in jail until he found hope by joining the X-Men. When Angel Salvadore joined the Hellfire Club, Darwin and Havok tried to stop her, leading Shaw to absorb his power and killed Darwin with it. Havok and the other mutants trained at the X-Mansion after Shaw attacked the Covert CIA Research Base. Havok managed to control his powers, as did the rest of his friends.

Havok joined his teammates to battle the Hellfire Club. He battled Salvadore with Banshee and Azazel with Beast. He stayed with the X-Men when Magneto asked them to join the Brotherhood.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

In 1973, Havok was present in a military camp in Saigon along with his comrades Toad and Ink, waiting to be taken in for testing at Trask Industries by William Stryker. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of an Army Colonel (a disguised Mystique), who questions the legality of Stryker's actions in taking Havok and the others away, when they are due to be returned home. Mystique reveals her true nature and attacks Stryker's soldiers, as the other mutants attack in suit. When Mystique has Stryker pinned by the throat, Havok fires off an energy blast, sending him hurtling across a table, Mystique tells him that she had it under control and Havok said he knew, meaning that he did it to protect her. Havok asks Mystique of the whereabouts of Magneto, to which she replies that she is on her own now. Havok then boards a military plane with his comrades to return to America, as Mystique remains. A disgruntled Stryker emerges and tries to stop the plane from taking off, but ultimately fails.

X-Men: Apocalypse

After his younger brother begins to manifest his own mutant power, Alex takes Scott to the X-Mansion and reunites with Hank McCoy and Professor Xavier once again. He later accompanied Xavier to visit Moira MacTaggert. Later, when Xavier uses Cerebro to reach Magneto, Apocalypse takes control of the professor and uses his telepathy to get every nuclear weapon across the globe launched into space. In an attempt to stop him, Xavier orders Alex to "wreak havoc" and Alex destroys Cerebro.

Upon exiting Cerebro, Apocalypse and his Horsemen arrive at the X-Mansion to kidnap a weakened Xavier. In an attempt to stop them, Havok fires an energy blast intended to Archangel, but they teleport, causing the projectile to strike a generator. The resulting explosion kills Alex and destroys the X-Mansion, with Quicksilver managing to arrive and save everyone else inside.

His death struck Scott with grief. When Scott, Jean, and Kurt sneak into the helicopter to Alkali Lake, Scott tells Jean that he should have died instead of Alex, since Alex was the one who was actually going to do something with his life. Jean consoles him, telling him that she had read his mind before and that Alex believed Scott would do something great with his life.


  • Ambient Energy Conversion - Havok is able to absorb cosmic radiation into the cells of his body and transform it into energy (making him an extremely powerful mutant). With this, he is then able to shoot powerful energy discs from his body, which were able to burn clean through stone and leave behind the damage of an explosion wherever they hit. When creating these discs, he could not fully control the energy and it tended to shoot out in multiple directions when he tried aiming it precisely.
    • Energy Blasts - After Beast made him a suit to channel his energy blasts, he could then shoot energy beams from a panel on his chest, beams which also rippled like sonic blasts. As shown in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Havok has more control of his power, allowing him to channel a portion of energy to blast people through the air and into unconsciousness. He used this to knock out and launch William Striker Jr., simply by extending his arm at Stryker. As of X-Men: Apocalypse, he is also now able to fire straight energy beams without the need of a panel on his chest. He can also fire more than one beam at a time from either his chest or from his hands. He used his energy blasts to destroy Cerebro to stop Apocalypse from using it.


  • Combatant- As a former army veteran, Alex knows a number of hand-to-hand combat and/or martial arts



  • Mr. Summers - Father
  • Ms. Summers - Mother
  • Cyclops - Younger Brother


  • Professor X - Mentor, Former Teammate, and Friend
  • Magneto - Mentor, Former Teammate, and Former Enemy
  • Mystique - Former Teammate, Friend, and Savior
  • Storm - Former Enemy
  • Darwin † - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Banshee † - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Moira MacTaggert - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Beast - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Ink - Former Army Teammate
  • Toad - Former Army Teammate
  • Daniels - Former Army Teammate



  • In the comics, Cyclops is older than Havok.
  • When Lucas Till (Havok's actor) auditioned for the movie roles, the producers told Till his audition served for both Havok and Beast. Till replied that despite his lifelong dream of playing a superhero, "I know you'll kill me, but if I get Beast, I'm not in the movie. I'm not going through that makeup every day."
  • When Magneto is retrieving his helmet from the Department of Defense (in X-Men: Days of Future Past), you can see Havok's damaged X-Men uniform. You can also see one of Angel Salvadore's wings and the coin Magneto used to kill Sebastian Shaw all from X-Men: First Class.
  • In an older draft of the Days of Future Past script, there was a scene with Havok and Angel running through the woods in an experimental attack by a Trask Sentinel. This was the first time you see a glimpse of the Sentinels. The scene had been cut before filming mainly for budget reasons. 
  • In X-Men: First Class, his suit is designed to focus his energy and discharge it from a device in his chest. By X-Men: Days of Future Past, he no longer needs the suit.

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