John Alexander McCone was the 6th director of the CIA, serving from November 29, 1961 to April 28, 1965. He died of cardiac arrest on February 14, 1991 at the age of 89.


X-Men: First Class

McCone sits next to William Stryker Sr. when Professor X tells them about mutants. When Stryker and McCone are conversing about a possible war with muatnts, Emma Frost is stands up and makes a circle in the glass to say that it's not a war without an equal chance on winning, implying that mutants are much superior. He later attempted to stop Stryker from launching a missile strike at the mutants, reasoning that Moira MacTaggert would also be killed, but was unsuccessful.

At the end of the film, he and a group of CIA and military officials debrief MacTaggert regarding Xavier and his whereabouts, but are unable to learn anything because of Xavier's selective erasing of MacTaggert's memory.


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