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I've done some pretty awful things. The kind of things that could haunt a man when he sleeps. See, most people think our powers are gifts. But if it was up to me, I'd hunt the devil down myself. And give him this gift back. My name is John Wraith. And I'm a mutant.
―John Wraithsrc

John Wraith (also known as Kestrel) was a mutant who could teleport. He was also a friend of Wolverine.



John Wraith is a rather morally dubious man. Though he was a member of Team X who massacred a village to locate the adamantium on Stryker's orders, he became deeply regretful over hunting his own species, claiming there was a "special place in hell" for the things they did. Compared to the rest of Team X, Wraith is the more level-headed and the least confrontational, or as Victor states "spineless". He often attempted to dissuade arguments amongst the barracks but even so, he wasn't one to walk away from a fight if necessary.

Wraith is also rather attached to his teammates. Like everyone he felt abandoned when Logan left the team but nevertheless supported him in his revenge mission against Stryker. He also helped Fred Dukes after he developed an eating disorder by granting him free passage to his fitness gym to lose his tremendous weight and telling Logan to not upset him over his size. Wraith also became aggressive when confronting Victor, planning to kill him before Logan was able to out of revenge for Victor murdering Wade, Dukes, and Bradley.

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Original Timeline


  • Pop musician got the role because he wanted to play a mutant with the same power as Nightcrawler.
  • In the comics, Wraith goes by the name Kestrel.
  • The X-Men Origins: Wolverine tie-in video game shows a relationship between Wraith and Mystique and suggests that he is Nightcrawler's father.

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