Jubilation Lee, better known as Jubilee, is a mutant with the ability to project pyrotechnic energy plasmoids. They are often mistaken for fireworks. According to Emma Frost, Jubilee also possess a latent telepathic ability and she was able to see through Frost's illusion, when they first met.


Generation X

Jubilee was at an arcade game playing a game when Russell Tresh found her wanting her for his invention. When her powers went off, she ran away from guards and went to jail. She was taken by Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy to join them after Emma found out by Cerebro about a 15 year old girl. Her mother allowed them take her after she was given arguments from Sean. She went along and met Skin and they went back to the X-Mansion. They then met Mondo, Buff, Refrax and M. When the kids went to a carnival, she hanged with the group and got in a fight with the townies. When Skin was nearly going to get killed, Jubilee came and shot him. The rest of the team came and helped.



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