Karma (born Xi'an Coy Manh) is a mutant.


X2: X-Men United

Her name appeared on Stryker's Computer.


X2: X-Men United


  • In the comics, Karma is apart of the New Mutants team.
  • In the comics, it is revealed that Xi'an's names is pronounced Shee-ahn. She also goes by the nickname Shan.
  • Karma is a Vietnamese mutant born in Central Highlands of Vietnam her uncle was general who worked for criminal gangs. Karma was the first lesbian gaya superhero in comic book.
  • In the comics Karma has revealed that if she stays in a person's mind to long she becomes like them. When she tried to save Cannonball when he was frozen in ice she told Rahne that she would be frozen to if she stay in his head for to long. Karma and her brother had the same powers she killed him with them but she stayed in hi head to long. Her brother maybe dead but he still lives on in her mind because she didn't exit out of his mind. Although it is never mentioned in the comics but her brother being in her head could be the reason Karma is gay and a lesbian do to having two beings in one mind.

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