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I have to know. Is this real?
―David Hallersrc

Legion (born David Haller) is a mutant. Misdiagnosed as schizophrenic at a young age, David is a haunted man, trying to find his way back to sanity, but he's getting tired and is about to give up when he meets the girl of his dreams.[1]



Early Life

Adopted by the Haller family as an infant, David had a pretty normal childhood until he started to hear voices, which were secretly caused by the Shadow King, who inhabited David's mind at some point during his childhood. David's adoptive father was an astronomer and once took the boy to see the stars where David claimed that the stars were talking to him. In addition to the voices, David would have hallucinations of a deformed, inhuman figure he dubbed "The Devil With Yellow Eyes", which was actually the Shadow King, who would gradually induce negative emotions and thoughts in David throughout his life and take away his ability to distinguish his hallucinations from reality. During his adolescence, David angrily punched another student in the face during a dance and was arrested for underaged drinking, but while he was inside the police car, the windows spontaneously shattered due to David's telekinetic powers, though he did not realize this due to his inebriated state.

While in college, the voices started to occur more and more often, which caused problems with his girlfriend, Phillis. In one incident, David's kitchen was destroyed when every object in it started flying violently around him, during witch he caught another glimpse of "The Devil With Yellow Eyes". It was this incident that David came to believe briefly that he could control things with his mind, though he later dismissed it as part of his delusions. He also began doing drugs with his friend Benny, who was actually another form of the Shadow King that David perceived as a girl named Lenny Busker. David also saw a therapist named Poole, but then, under the control of the Shadow King, he broke into Poole's office looking for a tape that had evidence of his possession on it and when Poole returned, David brutally attacked him. Eventually, Philly left David due his increasingly erratic behavior causing him to always be angry and unable to sleep. Depressed and at wits end, David tried to commit suicide with an electrical cord, while the voices in his head trying to get him to stop. While David survived the attempt, the authorities were called and David was put into a mental facility although while they found burns around his neck mysteriously they found no cords or rope, meaning that he may have unknowingly manifested the cord.


David was eventually admitted to the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital along with Lenny. Around this time his father died, but David was unable to attend his funeral due to the facility not letting him. One day David laid eyes on a new patient named Sydney Barrett and was attracted to her immediately. During a group session David asked Sydney to be his girlfriend; she accepted on the condition that they cannot physically touch. Eventually Sydney is admitted to leave and David in a moment of impulsiveness kissed her which resulted in the two switching bodies.

Sydney panicked and experienced a hallucination of the "The Devil With Yellow Eyes", triggering David's powers and warping the hospital, locking the other patients in their room and killing Lenny. Escaping from Clockwork in Sydney's body, David soon returned to his normal form, with their bodies trading places when they switched back, and he stayed with Amy and her husband Ben for the night where he talks to the "ghost" of Lenny, who tells him a group of people are coming after him. He was agitated by this enough that he unwittingly caused a lamp to fly and break against a wall, prompting his sister to remove gardening tools from the room due to fearing that David was unstable and violent.

Division 3

The next day, David called the facility to find out about Sydney where he is followed by two people, Kerry Loudermilk and Ptonomy Wallace and, while trying to evade them, is captured by Division 3 and interrogated in a room inside a hidden complex. His interrogator secretly conferred with his superiors about telepathic readings that drew them to David and realized that David had powers and did not realize it. Despite being advised by Division 1 to have David killed before he could realize what he was and unleash his unknown powers, the Interrogator continued talking with David on his past and the events that lead up to him being captured. The Shadow King, however, was watching them in the form of a silhouetted black dog in red light. However, David, who had been off his medication, began to remember the incident in the kitchen and seeing "The Devil With Yellow Eyes". During the continued interrogation, The Interrogator brought in equipment to record psychic activity from David, though David became anxious and eventually realized that the men where afraid of him for some reason and misremembered the Interrogator being at Clockworks during the incident, though he would later realize that it was actually Melanie Bird.

David soon lost his temper, causing a pen to fly straight through the Interrogator’s cheek before he shattering the room around him. Unfortunately, David was knocked out by gas and woke up rigged to an electrical trap in the pool, where the Interrogator reveals they want to know where Sydney is. Sydney was projected into David's mind by Ptonomy and was able to give him instructions about breaking out. As the Interrogator started to threaten David using the electrified pool after further prodding him on the events that lead to his capture, the room was suddenly started to heat up, with fiery wisps appearing in the air. David followed through with his instructions from Sydney to slowly slide down into the water as the button that activated the electricity in the pool was telekinetically pulled from the Interrogators hand. David managed to get underwater as the men in the room began shooting at him, until there was a large explosion in the room, leaving several of the men as charred corpses. David emerged from the water and was met by Sydney, Ptonomy, Kerry, and they evacuated the building though a hole in the wall caused by the explosion. The many of the soldiers that pursued them as they fled through the forest were fended off by Rudy, a powerful telekinetic. When one of the soldiers attempted to grab David, he started to burn with black smoke and seemingly died, meaning that David unconcsciously used his powers or the Shadow King was using them to defend himself and David. They managed to escape and met up with Melanie Bird, who brought David by boat to Summerland.



David is a mutant, described by the Interrogator, as "maybe one of the most powerful mutants we ever encountered".

  • Reality Warping: David can alter reality, due to his mental illness it often happens outside of his control. This allows him to manipulate the world around him from the physical to the fundamental level with his mind and will, which can cause his thoughts to become real. This has allowed him to perform feats such as transforming objects or surfaces, causing himself or others to disappear and reappear somewhere else, making Lenny Busker,who was a projection of the Shadow King, real, make bullets fired at point blank range unable to harm him, transform the architecture of of a building, remove sound from an area or even cause the speed of time, at least in his general vicinity, to slow down or freeze.
    • Telekinesis: David has shown himself able to move and otherwise exert force on targets around him with his mind, usually accompanied with body movements and gestures. It uses range from sending a pen flying right into the cheek of his interrogator, levitating a bed while having a nightmare about the Shadow King, or even make every object in a kitchen fly around him. David has demonstrated being able to cause objects or even entire rooms to shake or even generate shockwaves around his targets when accessing his power, as well as manipulate several targets at once, such as to stack several Division 3 soldiers on top of one another into a towering pile. While David's emotional and mental state, as well as concentration and awareness, are what trigger the ability, it is not confirmed that the weight or size of a target matters.
      • Telekinetic Levitation: David was able to levitate into the air.
    • Telepathy: He can read the minds of multiple people at once, which was seemingly part of the reason that David heard voices in his head as a child. Because of the strength of his mind, other mutants with powers that deal with the mind may meet some sort of resistance and prevent those powers from successfully being used on him such as when he blocked Ptonomy Wallace from using his memory manipulation powers on him, though it was the Shadow King using his own power to hide his existence from David and the others. He can also create telepathic illusions within the Astral Plane, such as a white bedroom where he and Sydney Barrett could be intimate without fear of her power to switch bodies through physical contact. This power may also work in the real world and could have allowed him to unknowingly project his own delusions into others, such as Lenny Busker, who was a fabrication of the Shadow King, and make others to believe she was real.
    • Astral Projection: David was able to transport himself and Syd to the location of his sister but as invisible and soundless figures. He was also able to manifest himself on the Astral Plane.
    • Clairvoyance: David is able to see things happening in other places as if he was there. He notably was able to see that his sister was in distress while he was sitting alone on a dock.
    • Matter Manipulation: When Syd was in control of David's body at Clockworks, she accidentally transformed the doors of the patient rooms into solid walls, leaving the occupants trapped inside, as well as turning the lights red and removing any furniture from the halls. When confronting the men that taken his sister Amy, he was able to make the ground "melt" then put it back to his normal state so that the soldiers were imprisoned in the ground. It is possible that David's delusions and thoughts could be made real through his powers, as Lenny Busker was a projection of the Shadow King that could interact with others and was believed to be real, to the point where she had a corpse that was fused into a wall when Sydney accidentally warped the Clockworks building. It is also possible that David only imagined others interacting with Lenny since he believed her to be real, as his sister Amy knew of David's real friend Benny and revealed that Lenny was not real.
    • Teleportation: David is able to transport himself, others and even objects from one place to another, though he is not shown to have control over this ability fully. When Syd was in possession of Davids body, she unleashed a powerful blast that transported everyone away from her and into their rooms. In Chapter 2, he transported the device that analyzes his powers outside the facility without teleporting himself and the mattress on which he was. When leaving the Astral Plane for the first time with Syd, they were transported to the river outside of Summerland and he later transported himself, Ptonomy, and Malanie into another room when they where searching his memories.
    • Force Field Generation While charging at the Shadow King, who was possessing Kerry Loudermilk, David was able to generate a blue and white aura of energy with arcs of electricity around himself. Upon colliding with the Shadow King, who had a similar aura around himself, but colored red, it resulted in a pulse wave that sent both of them flying backwards and expelled the Shadow King from Kerry.
    • Disintegration: David, while controlled by the Shadow King, was able to cause flashes of light that burned away into black smoke several armed gunmen, all with bodily movement. The only remains of the men were smoldering clothes, soot and even body parts that were left bleeding. This also happened to a Division 3 soldier that grabbed David by the neck while he first escaped them, suggesting that either David unconsciously used the ability or the Shadow King temporarily took control to defend David and himself.
    • Sound Dampening: He was able to completely remove any sounds from an entire house, making the entire area completely silent.
    • Chronokinesis: When being shot at, he temporarily froze time, while he and others that were projected into the Astral Plane where able to continue functioning as normal.
    • Creation: David is capable of creating things through thought as he was capable of making Lenny Busker real. This is proven by the simple fact that she interacted with Sydney Barrett and David's psychiatrist Kisinger and her death one of the reasons Division Three wanted to speak with David.



  • In the comics, Legion is the son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller.
  • The color blue is often associated with David, his relationship to Sydney, and his powers, as they are many times seen in blue light and the color blue is the color of his energy aura.


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