Lila Cheney is a mutant with the ability to teleport, but only over vast intergalactic distances.


X2: X-Men United

Her name appeared on Stryker's Computer.


X2: X-Men United


  • In the comics, Lila Cheney had a relationship with Cannonball and is friends with the New Mutants.
  • Lila Cheney is a British Rockstar mutant born in England, in the United Kingdom. Her fame and concert tours aren't only known on earth and don't just go around the globe but litterly almost the hole galaxy. Lila Cheney knows that aliens are real because of the tours she does for them since they enjoy her songs as much as humans.
  • She is also a sci-fi fan form science fiction to science fantasy and many more. This is something that help her understand aliens and space technology.

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