This pickup truck was owned and used by Logan.



Prior to the events of X-Men, Logan used this truck both as a means of transportation and as a home. A small camper was attached to the back of the truck, serving as Logan's living quarters. Additionally, a trailer was also hitched to the truck in order to convey his motorcycle.

Following a confrontation with a defeated opponent from a cage match, Logan promptly leaves the bar and travels on a highway through the Canadian wilderness. However, realizing something was amiss, he stops his truck and discovers Rogue covertly hitching a ride in the trailer. He briefly abandons her before returning and deciding to give her a ride.

After riding for a while and getting to know one another, a tree trunk (thrown by Sabretooth) collides with the truck, throwing Logan from his seat through the windshield and trapping Rogue. The collision both ruptures a gas tank and causes an electric short-circuit in the camper - sparking a fire. As Logan battles Sabretooth, the X-Men arrive and rescue both Rogue and Logan before the fire consumes and destroys the truck.


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