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Poland, 1944 (X-Men - 2000)
Continent Europe
Location Earth
Interest Auschwitz
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Flag PolandFlag
Seal Herb Polski.svg
Notable inhabitants Sebastian Shaw (formerly)
Erik Lehnsherr (formerly)
Jakob Lehnsherr
Edie Lehnsherr
Population 38,502,396 (2013)
Movie X-Men
X-Men: First Class
X-Men: Apocalypse
Comic X-Men: The Movie Prequel: Magneto

Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe.


In 1944, during the Holocaust, the Lehnsherrs, a German Jewish family from Dusseldorf, were transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp deep within German-occupied Poland.

Jakob Lehnsherr and Edie Lehnsherr were killed in Auschwitz, and their son Erik was tortured by Sebastian Shaw, a mutant scientist using the alias Klaus Schmidt.

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