Refrax (Kurt Pastorius) is a mutant who has x-ray vision and can create heat beams from his eyes.


Generation X Refrax and the others went out of town before and then went to the carnival. Skin got in a fight and Mondo and Refrax went to help him. They ended up getting in a fight with all of their friends joining in to help Skin, Mondo and Refrax. They were then told off by Emma Frost who then told them to pack. Luckerly for them, Sean told them to wait outside until they discussed their punishment. When the others were battling Russell Tresh and he went to go and hurt Buff, Refrax stepped in front of her and blasted a beam out of his eyes onto a metal poll that fell on Russell.


  • X-Ray Vision - Kurt possess the ability of see through things. However, it's still developing. When he first came to Xavier's, he could only see through pantyhose. Later he became strong enough, to see through pants.
  • Heat Vision - He can generate heat beams from his eyes.



  • Refrax was based on the character Cyclops.
  • Refrax was a created character for the film and replaced Chamber because of budget concerns.


Generation X

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