Richard Donner is an American film director and producer. He was credited as an Executive Producer for X-Men and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He is married to Lauren Shuler Donner, the primary producer of all the X-Men films under their family company. Bryan Singer sought Donner out as a consultant on the first film, given his experience in the superhero film genre, summarily to Batman costume design veteran Bob Ringwood getting involved.

Richard Donner flew in to Australia to ease on-set tensions during the filming of X-Men Origins, when studio was lining up potential replacement directors. Variety noted that he did not receive any kind of on-screen credit as a producer during the film's original theatrical run.[1]


Donner's work has been sighted as a major influence of Bryan Singer, looking back to the earnest, respectful approach towards the superhero genre that he took in making Superman in 1978. This influence even led to Singer directing his own spiritual sequel to the film, Superman Returns in 2006, in homage to Donner's films. When offered by Warner Brothers, Singer chose to leave his directorial role for X-Men: The Last Stand.


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