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Riptide (born Janos Quested) is a mutant who is capable of producing tornadoes at will.


X-Men: First Class

In 1962, Riptide was a member of the Hellfire Club. He attacked Division X with Azazel and Sebastian Shaw. He would destroy the Satellite dish which was used by Cerebro.

Riptide later joined his teammates to fight against the X-Men. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, while Erik Lehnsherr was magnetically pulling Shaw's submarine out of the water, Riptide created a tornado, causing both the X-Jet and the submarine to crash on the beach. He was knocked out when Erik pulls a piece of the submarine hull out on top of him. After Sebastian Shaw is killed, Riptide joins Magneto's new Brotherhood of Mutants, along with Mystique, Angel Salvadore and Azazel.


  • Aerokinesis - Riptide is capable of creating and manipulating powerful winds of various sizes by spinning his hand.
    • Cyclone Spinning - He is also capable of using the wind to spin at tremendous speeds, becoming, at best, a human tornado with enough force to toss a submarine and the X-Jet a large distance. His tornadoes could also suck up water, without negatively affecting riptide.
    • Flight - Riptide showed capable of supporting himself in midair while within his tornado. He demonstrated this when he destroyed a satellite dish and attacked the x-jet
    • Tornado Manipulation - Riptide could create smaller tornadoes, and could control their movement and intensity. He used this to hurl Colonel Hendry across a room and overturn two speedboats.
  • Enhanced Rotation - Riptide is capable of spinning at superhuman speeds without it affecting his balance or coordination. He is capable of being the eye of his own hurricane.
  • Spatial Awareness - Likely to be a trained ability or part of his mutation. Riptide is capable of guiding himself whilst spinning. He was able to destroy Cerebro without accidentally harming the young mutants or destroying the part of the facility they were in.



  • He is the only member from the former Hellfire Club whose fate remains unknown as his fellow teammates AzazelAngel Salvadore and Emma Frost were among those experimented on and killed by Bolivar Trask between X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Though unconfirmed, it is most likely that he suffered the same fate.
  • Alex González's part was originally announced as being named "Tornado", before Álvaro Sánchez corrected the announcement, officially naming the character Riptide.
  • In the comics, Riptide is a villainous character who works for Mr. Sinister’s Marauders. His powers allow him to spin incredibly fast; differently from the movie, his spinning abilities allow him to generate calcium deposits in the form of sharp objects for which he uses his speed to launch at enemies as spikes or shuriken-type projectiles.
  • Riptide is the only character in X-Men: First Class that never speaks.
  • A character with similar powers appears as one of Stryker's captive mutants on X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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