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Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is that mutants are very real, and that they are among us. We must know who they are, and above all, what they can do!
―Senator Kellysrc

Senator Robert Kelly was a human mutate and the main proponent of the Mutant Registration Act.



Robert Kelly was a U.S. Senator and a major proponent of the Mutant Registration Act. He was captured by Mystique (impersonating his aide Henry Gyrich) and Toad and taken to Genosha as a prisoner. There, he was transformed into a mutant by Magneto's radiation machine.

Using his new-found abilities, Kelly escaped Genosha and eventually arrived at the X-Mansion to receive help. However, the unnatural mutation created by the radiation of Magneto's machine caused his cellular structure to break down. He later de-molecularizes into water and was last seen alive by Storm.

Mystique survives her injury from Wolverine at Liberty Island, impersonates Senator Kelly and calls off the Mutant Registration Act. The X-Men notice her impersonation as Senator Kelly on TV.

X2: X-Men United

Kelly, now impersonated by Mystique, gives others the impression that he is now more supportive of mutant rights.

Powers and Abilities

Elasticity - Once turned into a Mutant, Kelly was shown to posses the ability to stretch his body, and was able to use this to escape Magneto's prison. The full extent of this ability was not known. It was shown, however, that he could not apply this ability to his clothing, as when he fell from Sabertooth's grasp, he fell through the holes in his clothing.

Adaptability - Kelly seemed to possess some sort of adaptability mutation. This was only displayed briefly, but was shown when he first stepped out of the ocean after a night of drifting, small slits in his back disappeared. These were implied to be gills that helped Kelly to breathe when under the water's surface. If this mutation is similar to that of Darwin's has not been answered.





  • During the U.S. Senate scene in X-Men, Kelly's desk sign indicates he represents the state of Kansas.

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