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Sentinel: Mark X

The Mark X Sentinel is the tenth version of the Sentinel robots made by Trask Industries, announced in 2013.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

In 1973, after Bolivar Trask was assassinated by Mystique, she was suddenly captured and experimented on by Trask Industries. With her DNA in their possession, Trask Industries spent the next 40 years developing Mystique's DNA and Rogue's DNA into the ultimate, new and improved, mutant-hunting machine - the Mark X. It uses Mystique's morphing abilities and Rogue's different, duplicated mutant abilities to change its entire form to replicate various mutant powers to defend itself and change its shape and size to adapt to its environment. The Sentinel Mark X was announced in 2013.

Over the next 10 years, the Mark X Sentinels began targeting both mutants and people who possibly carry the mutant X-Gene. This resulted in a dystopian future. In a final desperate effort to stop the unbeatable Sentinels, Shadowcat sent Wolverine back in time to 1973 to prevent the Sentinel Program from ever coming into existence. Due to their inability to move while Shadowcat was sending Wolverine through time, Magneto, Iceman, Bishop, Warpath, Sunspot, Colossus and Storm were forced to defend their monastery base in China when the Sentinels discovered them. Though the group destroyed many Sentinels, the Sentinels numbers proved to be too much ultimately and the defending force was destroyed. As the Sentinels prepared to kill the mortally wounded Magneto, Professor X, Shadowcat and Wolverine, Shadowcat ended the time travel process and the entire Sentinel future disappeared.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

As a result of Mystique not killing Bolivar Trask and appearing to save President Richard Nixon's life, the Sentinel Program was cancelled and Trask was arrested for selling military secrets to China. Due to this, the Mark X Sentinels never came into existence in the new timeline.

Powers and Abilities

The Sentinels are gigantic robots, originally three times the size of a human. The Mark I were crude and bulky and with more limited mobility. The ones from the future, the Mark X, were considerably more advanced, being made of synthetic skin with a more streamlined and flexible body. The deleted screen of the film X-Men: Days of the Future Past about the captured Rogue provided evidence that the Mark X Sentinels got the power from Rogue's ability. It is because Rogue has gotten so many mutant abilities over time. All versions of the Sentinels were made from a unique, space-age type of polymer, free of metal, making them immune to Magneto's powers. 'Mark X' means the type of the Sentinels is the tenth generation and got the X-genes.

  • Superhuman Strength: The Mark X possessed immense, physical strength, enough to break through solid materials such as thick ice, stone and metal, as well as physically overpower mutants such as Sunspot, Iceman and even Colossus with ease. Two Sentinels were strong enough to rip Colossus in half and one managed to decapitate Iceman, despite him being in his ice form. In a future where the Sentinels caught up with Bishop's group at their base, one was able to smash Colossus' head in with a punch despite him being in his metallic form.
  • Superhuman Speed and Agility: Despite their size and bulk, the Sentinels are remarkably fast and agile, enough to outmaneuver the mutants, perform mid-air flips and climb the side of a mountain quickly and with ease.
  • Superhuman Durability: One of the Sentinels' more phenomenal capabilities is their capacity to sustain damage. Even without their powers of mimicry, they can endure strikes from Colossus, one of the most physically-powerful mutants and resist sustained ice and fire streams from Iceman and Sunspot, respectively.
  • Flight: The Mark I Sentinels could fly using the vent-like systems on their chest. The Mark X could also fly, but it is unknown how.
  • Mutant Detection: Sentinels are equipped with sensors that allow then to track carriers of the X Gene, such as mutant or even people who could have mutant offspring. This allows them to hunt mutants anywhere in the world, and they will not stop until they have eliminated their target.
  • Machine Guns: The original Sentinels, the Mark I, possessed Gatling guns on one of their arms, capable of firing 3000 rounds per minute. This was not present in their future counterparts.
  • Laser Beam: One of the Sentinels' main offensive weapons, they open the front of their heads to reveal an orb of energy that can fire extremely-potent and sustained, energy blasts, capable of melting through anything. This beam is powerful enough to overload Bishop in a matter of seconds and melt Iceman to the point where he is incapable of reforming, although both cases did take some time.
  • Shapeshifting: Due to their unique composition, created from the reverse engineering of the capabilities of Mystique, a shapeshifting mutant, Sentinels can alter their bodies to fit a variety of purposes. After being added Rogue's ability which was duplicated from other mutants, Mark X are much more various, stronger and intelligent than the previous generations. Most commonly, they are seen altering the shapes of their arms into extremely sharp blades and claws. Also, when inactive, they take on a smaller form for transportation.
  • Adaption :The most powerful and dangerous ability of the Sentinels, they were able to adapt to any mutant power, which allowed them to survive against any mutants the Sentinels have encountered, and nonchalantly overwhelm them.
    • Power Mimicry: Due to their adaptive abilities, the Sentinels are able to use the powers of other mutants. They were mostly seen altering their bodies into forms almost identical to those of Colossus, Sunspot and Iceman in order to counter them. They also used powers similar to Emma Frost, Darwin, and Lady Deathstrike. They are also capable of sharing newly-copied powers and abilities with other Sentinels.