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Silver Samurai is a mutant with the ability to generate tachyon field with his sword making him cut through anything except adamantium. He also has the ability to teleport.


X-Men: The Official Game

Silver Samurai was revealed to be the boss of Lady Deathstrike, who sent her to spy on William Stryker.

Upon Yuriko's return to Japan, he comforts her, politely dismissing her feelings of dishonor by stating that she became Stryker's pawn against her own will.  Wolverine soon interrupts their discussion. Deathstrike states that she'll deal with him, and Silver Samurai leaves the Dojo.

Soon after, Wolverine confronts Silver Samurai after defeating Lady Deathstrike. As they battle, he reveals to Wolverine about the existence of the Mastermold. Wolverine thought he had turned it on, but the Silver Samurai quickly clarifies his position, stating that he was a mutant himself. Soon, Wolverine defeats Silver Samurai, leaving him unconscious in a field of tall grass.


X-Men: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine

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