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Siryn (born Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy) is a mutant with the ability to produce a very loud, high pitched scream.


X2: X-Men United

Siryn is seen as one of Storm's students at the Museum.

When HYDRA, under the control of Colonel William Stryker, attack the X-Mansion, she screams in horror at a sonic level before being tranquilized. She is eventually saved by Colossus.

X-Men: The Last Stand

She, along with other students, attended Professor X's funeral.

When the X-Mansion re-opens, she is seen giving Storm a hug before returning inside.


  • Acoustikinesis - Siryn has the ability to scream at sonic levels. It was able to disorient the entire school.





  • In the comics, Siryn is Banshee's daughter. However, Banshee is supposed to have died before 1973, making it impossible for the film version to be his daughter.

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