The Sonic Disrupter was a weapon used by HYDRA.


X2: X-Men United: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine

Norris, a special forces commando serving at an undisclosed covert ops base, informs Stryker that Subject 1033 has been located. Stryker orders that a team capture the mutant and return him to the base for experimentation.

Later on, Norris leads a team of special forces and attempts to apprehend both Sabretooth and Wolverine at a bar.

The team is able to subdue Sabretooth through traquilizer darts. However, Norris orders Lyman to use the sonic disrupter to subdue Wolverine, stating that its energy beam would intensely vibrate his adamantium skull and render him unconscious.  He proves to be correct, and the team attempts to transport the subdued mutants back to the secret base.


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