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Magnificent, isn't she? I first saw her in 1949. America was going to be the land of tolerance. Peace.
―Erik Lehnsherrsrc

The Statue of Liberty is a monument located off the coast of New York City.


Prior to X-Men

A young Erik Lehnsherr first saw the Statue of Liberty in 1949 after emigrating to America following his liberation from a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, and was under the belief that he would be safe from the persecution he faced in the past.


Magneto constructed a device at the top of the Statue of Liberty, designed to turn all of the world leaders convening on Ellis Island into mutants. When Magneto brought Rogue there, to use her powers as the basis for the device, he commented that he first saw her in 1949, and that it heralded America as the land of tolerance and peace.

The X-Men arrived at the Statue of Liberty to engage the Brotherhood and rescue Rogue, but were captured by Magneto and restrained in Lady Liberty's head. Logan broke out from his bonds and fought Sabretooth, who was dispatched by Cyclops' laser blasts, knocking him out of the Statue and into a moored boat nearby. Magneto transferred his powers to Rogue, to use her as the nexus of the device to turn the world leaders into mutants.

Logan was lifted up to the device by Storm's weather controlling powers and Jean's telekinesis, wherein Cyclops used one of his optic blasts to knock Magneto out of the way, and Logan destroyed the machine. He then transferred his healing powers to Rogue, which caused her to heal.

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