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Real Name Ororo Munroe
Alias(es) Weather Witch
Gender Female
Team X-Men
Movie X-Men
X2: X-Men United
X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (deleted scene only)
X-Men: First Class
The Wolverine (photo only)
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Game X-Men: The Official Game
Actor Halle Berry
April Elleston-Enahoro
Elizabeth Wright
Status Alive
We live in an age of darkness. A world full of fear, hate and intolerance. But in every age, there are those who fight against it. Charles Xavier was born into a world divided. A world he tried to heal. A mission he never saw accomplished. It seems it’s the destiny of great men to see their goals unfulfilled. Charles was more than a leader, more than a teacher. He was a friend. When we were afraid, he gave us strength. When we were alone, he gave us a family. He may be gone, but his teachings live on through us. His students. Wherever we may go, we must carry on his vision. And that is a vision of a world united.
―StormX-Men: The Last Stand

Storm (Ororo Munroe) is a mutant who can control the weather and is the co-leader of the X-Men.


X-Men: First ClassEdit

Storm is seen in X-Men: First Class through Cerebro by Professor X.


When Ororo was growing up she became a member of the X-Men. She became one of the teachers as Xavier's Institute. Storm and Cyclops came to Wolverine and Rogue's rescue when Sabretooth attacked, leaving Wolverine for dead, and attempting to capture Rogue. She is also seen when Senator Kelly dies and turns into water. She tells Professor X and they start planning on how to save Rogue and stop Magneto. Later, when Rogue ran off Storm and Cyclops searched a train station and fought two members of the Brotherhood of Mutants; Toad and Sabretooth. During the conflict on Liberty Island she apparently killed Toad while she and the rest of the X-Men saved Rogue and New York from being destroyed by Magneto.

X2: X-Men UnitedEdit

Storm and Phoenix are sent to go to a mutant named Kurt Wagner. Storm and Jean take him as Storm has and Nightcrawler talk a bit. Storm was key in saving the human race when Professor X was set to kill them telepathically, controlled by Mastermind. Nightcrawler teleported her in to the Dark Cerebro chamber and she summoned up a blizzard, freezing Jason in the process.

X-Men: The Last StandEdit

Storm and some of the other X-Men are in the Danger Room defending themselves from a Sentinel. Storm leads the team to safety because Cyclops isn't there and Wolverine is left being a sub. Wolverine finishes the Danger Room session by cutting the Sentinel's head off. Storm angrily tells Wolverine that he can't just change the rules and states that it was a defense exercise.

Storm asks the Professor why the X-Men are still hiding, when they have Beast working for the government and a President who understands them. The Professor explains that the X-Men are not hiding, but he must do his best to protect his students from any of their foes. The Professor tells Storm that he wishes to make her the new leader one day, because he was concerned about Cyclops still mourning over Jean's death. 

She and the professor welcome the arrival of former X-Man, Beast who tells them about the mutant cure being devoloped. Storm is disgusted with this cure and believes that mutants are not a desease and mutants cannot be cured.

When Cyclops goes missing, Storm and Wolverine are sent to Alkali Lake to investigate. Upon their arrival, Storm clears the fog with her powers, revealing a lot of floating rocks. She discovers Jean Grey unconscious and they take her back to the Mansion.

After Jean escapes, She and Wolverine accompany the Professor to Jean's home where the Brotherhood happen to be waiting. When things strat to go out of control, Wolverine and Storm spring into action, with Storm against Callisto. She and Wolverine are too late to help the Professor before he was killed by Jean.

At the Professor's funeral, Storm gives a moving speech to all the students; saying that they will continue the Professor's mission to make the world a better place for mutants.

She, Beast and Kitty discuss the fate of the school, but Storm wishes to keep the school running. When Warran Worthington III AKA Angel shows up, Storm gives him a home.

Storm and Wolverine lead the final battle with the Brotherhood on Alcatraz Island. She has another round with Callisto, only this time, Storm wins and electrocutes Callisto with her lightning powers.

At the end, the school is reopened and Storm welcomes all the students back.

The WolverineEdit

Storm appears in a photo taken in the journal.

X-Men: Days of Future PastEdit

To Be Added


X-Men Origins: WolverineEdit

It was Team X's attack on Storm's childhood village that caused Wolverine to turn his back on Colonel William Stryker and his men. Storm whereabouts were unknown in this film and unknown what age she was at the time of team X attack.

Her appearance was only in a deleted scene.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Atmokinesis:  Storm is a powerful mutant who is able to control the weather and all of its forms with ease. She can control meteorological tempests, such as lightning, thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and even mist. With the power of wind, Storm is even able to fly by making the wind lift her up in the air.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant:  Storm is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant. She is even able to hold her own against physically stronger opponents in close combat, like Callisto.


Friends and FamilyEdit



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