The Reavers are a group of cybernetically-enhanced humans that hunt down and kill mutants for Zander Rice. The Reavers are the primary antagonists of Logan.


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  • In the comics, The Reavers are destroyed by the X-Men, but are then reassembled under the leadership of Donald Pierce. Pierce reorganizes the team as an assassination squadron to undertake para-military style commando operations, dedicated to taking vengeance on the X-Men in particular and eliminating mutants in general. Pierce combines the three survivors of the original Reavers with Lady Deathstrike and the three former Hellfire Club mercenaries Cole, Macon, and Reese.
  • In the comics, The Reavers are all severely injured by Logan/Wolverine, and required cybernetic augmentation. In the film universe, it is by Laura/X-23's hand.

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