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Real Name Ophelia Sarkissian
Alias(es) Viper
Dr. Green
Gender Female
Movie The Wolverine
Actor Svetlana Khodchenkova
Status Deceased
You have courage but that won’t help much now
―ViperThe Wolverine

Viper (Ophelia Sarkissian) was a mutant with the ability to generate toxins and regenerate her skin.


The WolverineEdit

Posing as Yashida's oncologist, Viper planted a robotic parasite in Logan, which surpressed his healing powers and life span as she did to Yashida. She later attended Yashida's funeral.

Viper and Harada met and, after demonstrating her powers in him, ordered him to find Logan and Mariko. After Logan is subdued while attempting to rescue Mariko, Viper restrained him in a machine and revealed the plan of extracting his immortality.  She then reveals her associate, Yashida (who had faked his death) in the Silver Samurai armor.

During the battle with Silver Samurai, Yukio arrives and wraps a wire around Viper's neck, dragging her up into a lift shaft. Viper's neck was broken by a falling counterweight, leaving her lifeless body hanging.


  • Immunity to Toxins
  • Creating Toxins/Antidotes - Viper was able to create any toxin, which usually caused extreme pain or death. It took an acidic effect on the skin when she breathed or spat it, causing the skin to bubble and blister. She could also administer it through a kiss, or lick it onto her claw, and then stab it into the victim.  In addition, Viper could also produce antidotes to her poisons, as shown when she reversed the damage she caused to Harada's face by breathing on it again.
  • Snake-Like Abilities - Viper had several snake-like abilities, including a forked tongue, and the ability to shed her skin, which was her form of regeneration. When she shed her skin, she also lost her hair.



  • In the comics, she used to be called Madame Hydra in her services to HYDRA.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • Jessica Biel was offered the role of Viper but turned it down.

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