Warren Worthington II is the head of Worthington Labs, the corporation that developed the mutant "cure".


X-Men: The Last Stand

Around 1996, Warren Worthington II walked in on his son cutting his wings off in the bathroom. Seeing his son as a mutant caused him to be ashamed. Ten years after that, around 2006, he managed to create a mutant cure. He was going to use it first on his son, but Warren III/Angel escaped before it could be used on him. When Psylocke, Quill and Arclight were going to kill him, they pushed him off the roof; however, he was saved by his son and keeps him safe till the war is over.


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X-Men: The Last Stand


  • It isn't clear if Angel in X-Men: Apocalypse (which takes place in the revised timeline) is Warren Worthington II's son, as he is located in Berlin and part of a fight club.

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